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Tanya Durrer

About Tanya

Tanya loves working one-on-one with our clients, getting to know their personal histories and stories. She believes that’s the best way to help them care for their whole body health.

Tanya Durrer, RN

Vice President of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

As director of nursing and residential care, Tanya collaborates with our staff to ensure that the physical healthcare needs of our clients are being met.

As we work to help our clients improve their wellness at every aspect – physical, emotional and mental – Tanya helps us achieve that goal.

Prior to joining HSS in May 2000, Tanya worked as an in-patient floor nurse in geriatric psychiatry.

Here at HSS, she over sees the medical needs of both our residential clients and those who visit us for outpatient programs.

Contact details


618-939-4444 ext. 1235

1994 – Bachelor of Science, Barnes College of Nursing, St. Louis, Mo.