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Man in group counseling for substance use

Group counseing for substance use

Substance Use Prevention & Recovery Services

HSS provides programs and treatment options for adults living with alcohol or drug dependence. With both individual and group services focused on Substance Use Disorder, our focus is on helping people work toward recovery by meeting them where they are.


Assessments help us determine what type of treatment each person might need, if any.  At HSS, we are here to meet clients with compassion and understanding – not to judge.

We utilize motivational interviewing, a technique which helps us guide each person toward his or her own decision making. By determining what most motivates each person, we can meet him or her where they are and let them guide their own path for treatment.

With this information, we can work with the client to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Day and Evening Outpatient Services

For individuals who have a supportive living environment, outpatient services provide the opportunity to work on recovery while living at home. Outpatient treatment is offered in day or evening sessions, and involves hours of individual counseling or group therapy based on assessment needs.

We do not offer detox or residential in-patient care.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In outpatient counseling sessions, clinicians may apply a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach. Through exercises in sessions as well as at home, clients will be encouraged to develop coping skills to help adapt their own thinking, emotional regulation, and unhealthy behaviors.

By aligning their thoughts and actions, clients can better focus on goals and recovery.

Harm Reduction

We recognize that each individual is on a different journey, and our number one priority is to save lives. Our Harm Reduction model is an evidence-based, client-centered approach that gives us the tools to reduce the health and social harms associated with dependence.

Through Harm Reduction, HSS offers direct overdose prevention, provides Narcan with education, and employs peer recovery specialists who offer support through lived experiences.

Recovery Groups

Substance use recovery support groups meeting from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. Learn more by calling 618-939-4444.

DUI Services Program

The DUI Services Program at Human Support Services (HSS) is designed to meet the needs of individuals who require education or treatment following DUI citation. Our program meets the expectations of area courts and the Illinois Department of Transportation for driving violations involving alcohol or drugs.

It should be noted that these services are not billable to health insurance. The State of Illinois will assist in paying for DUI Court Ordered Evaluation and Drivers Risk Education Programs for those individuals who meet income guidelines. Others must pay a flat fee.

Upset woman meeting with counselor

DUI Court-Ordered Evaluation

Upon referral from the court, HSS will provide a DUI evaluation in a three-hour session that will systematically evaluate the individual’s level of functioning and generate a report of the findings. The agency will send a copy of the evaluation to the court.

Driver’s Risk Education Program

The Driver’s Risk Education program is designed to provide education to those individuals whose evaluations indicate increased risk with drugs or alcohol but not a dependency.  The program is offered based on community need and is offered twice a week for three hours per night for two weeks.