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Young woman with down syndrome at work with mentor

Building Futures Employment and Day Services


We all work to make money. We all want our days to be productive.

But to those who participate in the Human Support Services (HSS) Building Futures program, it is more than that.

Those who seek our services want a valued role in their community. They want to contribute to their employer, to the community and to society.

In our programs we do just that; what’s most important is the quality of the day, the quality of the work.

Community Employment and Higher Education Services

Shawn works at Walmart

We are helping people build their futures through employment and higher education opportunities.

After a discovery process, we assist job and education seekers in finding those outcomes in natural, community settings. This includes a process of exploration and direction.

Best practice approaches lead to well-fitting, successful job placements at a quicker pace than previous practices. This model also places a large emphasis on building strong relationships with employers and educators in order to understand the needs of the business and expectations of the school.

Through this process, opportunity develops to connect a job seeker to an employer or an academic program.

Our community employment program also provides job coaching, on the job training and job retention services. For those seeking higher education, we provide education mentoring.

Work Center

Client working in the workshop

We are helping people build their futures by offering an on-site, facility based program with assembly and production, custodial and recycling positions.

The Work Center is located at the main office of Human Support Services. We contract with mostly local businesses in the St. Louis Metro area.

Our positions provide valued work skills and training for workers with intellectual disabilities.

The Choice Program

We are helping people build their futures by creating a meaningful day.

We offer a variety of small group activities: with educational opportunities, recreational experiences, community exploration, life skills, fitness and health, and many more.

The program operates Monday-Friday, taking place in environments that make the learning experience authentic and effective.

To learn more about any of our Building Futures programs, contact us at 618-939-4444 or email us at