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Youth Services

Children face a multitude of stressors, from social media and peer pressure at school to anxiety over sports and academics. If a child is also dealing with a trauma, changes in the home or an underlying issues like depression or anxiety, life can quickly become overwhelming.

School Counseling

Through partnerships with our local schools, HSS works alongside school social workers and counselors to meet with students struggling to cope with a myriad of social and emotional issues.

We also offer counseling at our offices for children ages 5 and up  – and their families.

Transition Program

HSS offers a program to youth, age 14-30, assisting in their transition
from high school into productive adult lives. A Life Plan, focused on each youth’s interests, talents and dreams, is built through Person Centered Planning and the Discovery Model.

The Plan is then put into action to accomplish educational and occupational dreams. It may start with professional intervention but moves into natural support.

Building Futures at TEAMWORK

HSS offers and facilitates Person Centered Planning and Discovery at the Monroe County YMCA with the participants of TEAMWORK.