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Mental Health Housing

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Transitional Housing

For some individuals battling mental health and substance use concerns, living independently becomes impossible for a time. As they work on their steps toward wellness and recovery, they need assistance and support in finding and maintaining a stable living situation.

To help clients in their recovery process, Human Support Services (HSS) has embedded housing programs in Monroe County.

Supervised Mental Health Housing

HSS also provides living arrangements for individuals with severe mental health concerns. At these residences, HSS staff is on-site around the clock to provide supervision and guidance, while promoting recovery and client independence.

Our Residences

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Our community residences include single person apartments with one bedroom and family units with two bedrooms.

HSS provides subsidies to our residents in order to make rent affordable for low-income individuals and families. This program allows residents to pay a maximum of 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities.

By reducing the cost of rent and utilities, we make it possible for our residents to afford basic conveniences beyond food and rent, such as transportation and entertainment, and ultimately make their lives in the community richer and more enjoyable.

The residential units are close to community facilities – grocery stores, libraries, churches and post offices – to make community involvement easy. Rent and utilities are based on the client’s income.

Along with owning these properties, HSS is responsible for property management and rental services. As clients work on healing and restoring their emotional and behavioral wellness, case managers help them gain valuable life skills such as budgeting, healthful cooking, and goal-setting.

It is important to HSS that these properties are attractive and that they not only present a positive image to the community but also make each client feel empowered to take their next step forward.