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A recap of an August 10, 2015 Chicago Tribune article:

“The state is spending and racking up bills at roughly the same rate as it did last year – $38 billion – while it expects to take in only about $32 billion after much of a 2011 temporary income tax hike expired in January. It’s estimated that 8 out of every 10 state tax dollars has been freed from the limbo of the budget impasse, much of it either by law or a judge’s ruling.”

Recap of dollars moving:

$7 billion in spending on K-12 education

$6 billion for salaries and health benefits for state employees

$8 billion for Medicaid payments (HSS will benefit from this)

$1.1 billion for foster care services, some human service programs

$9 billion for state debt, pension contributions for teachers and state and university employees, salaries for lawmakers and their staffs, and tax distributions to local governments and mass transit agencies

If SB 2042 is passed, $5 billion in federal funds for programs that help senior citizens, low-income families, domestic violence victims, refugees and kids

“Tied up in the budget mess is about $3.1 billion in projected spending on early childhood education, senior citizens, mental health, emergency housing and care for the disabled, among other human service programs.”

Unfortunately, we are a small part of what’s left, about 10% of the overall state budget.  Our voice needs to be heard.  Please contact your local representatives and ask the state agree on a budget soon.

Rep Jerry Costello 618.282.7284

Jerry Costello II, D-116:

Senator David Luechtefeld 618.243.9014

David Luechtefeld, R-58:

Governor Rauner 271.782.0244 or 312.814.2121