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New HSS van makes travel easier for clients

New Van Makes Travel Easier on HSS Clients


New HSS VanSome of our clients now have a new ride, thanks to our recent purchase of a new 2017 Ford Transit van!

The van will allow Human Support Services to transport two wheelchair-bound individuals plus three additional riders and a driver.

This allows for fewer trips and great accessibility for our residential clients, said HSS Executive Director Robert Cole.

“We have found that our residents are requiring more assistance with mobility and standard mini-van vehicles did not have enough room to accommodate multiple wheelchairs plus walkers,” Cole said. “It is also hard for the residents to move to the rear seats in mini-vans.”


The new van is taller, more spacious, and is specifically designed for individuals with disabilities, so it should be easier for clients to enter and exit.

It also has a nice, flat floor and wheelchair lift so it should make traveling easier for both staff and residents, Cole said.

The van will be used daily to transport our Hecker residential clients on visits to the store and for medical appointments and entertainment.

Inside of new vanAs a private nonprofit, HSS relies on support from the community to provide the best service to our clients.

We hope you’ll continue to support our mission to provide affordable, local services aimed at helping individuals challenged by mental health concerns, developmental disabilities, or substance use build satisfying lives. Donate to HSS here.