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Michelle with her check from the city

Michelle’s Story


When they first began to talk about her, she was visibly overwhelmed. Her cheeks flushed crimson as she covered her face with her hands, momentarily uncomfortable in the spotlight.

But then, a giggle escaped. Another quickly followed.

Soon, any signs of shyness evaporated and in its’ place was another, more powerful emotion – joy.  A joy so effervescent it seemed to vibrate from her every move.

She shook as she rose from her seat at the table, giggles escaping as her eyes danced.

Michelle may have been nervous in front of the crowd, but those nerves were no match for excitement and pride.

This night, she got the chance to stand next to her “big boss,” Waterloo Mayor Tom Smith.

Smith presented Human Support Services with a check for the work Michelle and her fellow day services clients had done to help the city.

For Michelle, it wasn’t about the giant cardboard check. The heart-swelling pride so visible in her excited giggle and beaming smile had little to do with the money she made.

For her, this was about more than just a job.

It was about HER job.

She had spent the summer beautifying the streets of downtown Waterloo, and this fall, she helped run a pumpkin painting booth at a festival.

She had an important job in HER community. Her big boss was telling everyone that she did her job well. It mattered. She mattered.

The partnership between HSS and the city gave Michelle more than a job to do – it gave her a sense of pride, purpose, and more than a little joy.

We are able to give her these inspiring gifts of pride and new beginnings because of YOU – our donors.

Help Human Support Services develop more valuable partnerships and programs so that we can continue to change lives – one story at a time.

Invest in the future of our community by contributing to our annual holiday appeal today.

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