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James and staff member Josh

James’ Story


There’s a framed picture of his mom on the wall, and James is quick to point it out to guests.

Beaming with pride, he’ll show you the television, the gaming system and the view from the windows in his upstairs bedroom.  Then on the way out, he’ll mention the picture of his mom.

The house has all the amenities – a lovely yard, spacious, comfortably-furnished rooms, and even a deck. But those perks of real estate aren’t on the official “James tour” of the house.

The photograph of his mom, though, that’s a key part of the tour.

Because for James, that picture is an integral part of what makes this charming two-story house a home – his home.

Having a place to call home matters to everyone, but it may mean even more to James.

For him, having a home also means having independence, opportunities to be a part of the community and a sense of family.

And in this house on a quiet residential street, he’s found all three.

James shares this residential Human Support Services home with two other Human Support Services clients and caregivers.

Together, James and his roommates share meals, household responsibilities, and lives as independent as possible.

They’re a family, as loving and unique as any other.

JamesThough James’ mom passed away shortly before he moved into this HSS house, he knows she would have been proud of his new home and this exciting new chapter in his life.

James’ sister Angela, who lives nearby, agrees.

“It gives me great peace of mind to know he is in an environment where staff goes above and beyond to learn how to help him live a full and useful life. I can tell he is made to feel needed and that he is contributing to the community,” she said.

We are able to provide comfortable homes and opportunities for independence because of YOU – our donors.

There are many more individuals like James, looking for opportunities to live, work and thrive in our community.

Join us in helping find a sense of home. Invest in our local community and donate to the Human Support Services annual holiday appeal today.

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