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The SeeMore Inn bed and breakfast is owned by HSS.

The SeeMore Inn

Linda tugs the bedspread tight, smoothing out all the creases. She  adjusts the decorative throw pillows several times, making sure it looks just right.

To her, these details matter.

Soon, a guest will come to stay in this room at The SeeMore Inn bed and breakfast, and she wants everything to be perfect for them.

Linda is proud of her job at The SeeMore Inn, and she’s good at it. She meticulous about details, and she likes meeting all the new people who come to the Inn.

Staff members like Linda are the reason why The SeeMore Inn was the perfect opportunity for HSS.

In February 2018, Human Support Services took a chance on a venture unlike any we’ve ever attempted as an organization.

Our agency purchased property at 4505 HH Road in Waterloo with a unique mission – to operate a bed and breakfast where individuals with developmental disabilities could learn, work and pursue independence.

The five-bedroom home had for many years operated as the Waterloo Inn bed and breakfast.  HSS leadership and our board of directors saw the property as an opportunity that could benefit both our clients and the community at large.

Before we opened to guests in July 2018, the bed and breakfast was renamed The SeeMore Inn after a Robert M. Hensel quote which reads: There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.

The Inn is a groundbreaking experiment in hospitality, a place where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can showcase their talents and abilities in a variety of jobs.

HSS clients do everything from landscaping and housekeeping to cooking to serving guests, all under the guidance of supervision from HSS staff and a full-time innkeeper.

Though there is a similar bed and breakfast being operated by a nonprofit in Clarksville, Mo., this is the first such effort of its kind in Illinois.

The entire project is part of an ongoing effort by HSS to pursue person-centered services, which looks at the individual, seeks out their unique talents, strengths, goals and dreams, then connects them to jobs in the community where they can reach their fullest potential.